ReMake Its! New DIY Recycle Kits from RePlayground


Image courtesy of RePlayGround

RePlayGround has long been looking for fun, engaging ways to promote recycling in consumer culture. ReMake Its!, the innovative company's new line of products, taps into the DIY spirit while encouraging recycling and providing a foundation for easy-to-make gifts and entirely unique accessories. The ReMake Its! line currently features a bottle lamp, a wine cork trivet, and envelopes and stationary you make from old magazines. And the personal involvement is the best part—the ReMake Its! provide the base and the template, and you complete the product by recycling everyday items into cool, useful wares. Take the lamp, for example: it comes with only a simple, stylish base and a wire frame. But after you collect and recycle six standard glass bottles of soda or beer and throw in a CFL bulb, you’ve got yourself a personalized, one-of-a-kind glass bottle lamp that’ll add both light and character to your living room.

Tiffany Threadgould, the founder and brains behind RePlayGround, last showed up on TreeHugger in order to show us how to make our own ball toss-and-catchers. Now, with the expanding ReMake Its line and ever-growing interest in recycling innovations, RePlayground is poised to become a prominent player on the eco-product scene.

Check out the RePlayGround website for more details on the ReMake Its. The site has a slew of other features, too—free DIY tips, a consistently updated blog, and an address where you can send your unneeded junk.

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