Remade introduces the artisanal toilet plunger

© The Remade Lincoln model, $350

TreeHugger is a huge fan of local, artisanal design. We are thrilled by the idea of bringing manufacturing back to North America. We talk constantly about the renewed interest in quality and durability. About how people should be willing to pay more for stuff that is built to last.

For all those reasons, I believe that this Re Made toilet plunger may be the perfect embodiment of everything we have ever written on TreeHugger. Starting at an affordable $158 for the "unfinished" version, and rising to $ 350 for the painted "Lincoln" version, you just know that this will have a place of honor in your bathroom. It is more than just a plunger, but an embodiment of the famous four virtues:

Courage, Compassion, Grace and Fortitude (C.C.G.F.). Our four most critical cherished virtues that we aspire to live up to — all of which are embodied by and emblazoned on our plungers — and that we hope will inspire others. Purchasing a Re Made plunger is more than a simple transaction; it’s an investment into substantial, lasting products and relationships: between you and your new purchase, between yourself and those you spend time with around the campfire, and between you and Re Made.

Really, in this age of flatpack and 3D printing and delivery by drones, it is a joy to behold such a useful product, so lovingly "made for the discriminating consumer, priced and fabricated to compete with the best."

If I have one caveat about this product, it is that when I tried to buy one of these for everyone in my family, I found that in fact the whole thing is an absolutely brilliant parody of a certain axe company in the Bronx. I already have an axe, I wanted a plunger. What a shame.

More at Re Made.

Remade introduces the artisanal toilet plunger
This may be the most perfect product we have ever shown on TreeHugger.

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