Rejuvenating Your Life Cycle at Scandic Hotels

A couple years back Sami took a trip to Finland and told us about his great green hotel experience. At the time, the Scandic chain of hotels, which operates all over Scandinavia and the Baltic States didn't have much to offer on their website about their environmental policy. Well, now it is all there, screaming at you in little videos with cute animations and a loop of flute music that can become a bit annoying if you spend too much time navigating through their environmental info.

Nonetheless, the site is an interesting read and what we want to point out is that the hotel has gone above-and-beyond when it come to incorporating life cycle thinking into their daily operations. The LCA-Center in Denmark neatly sums it up on their website. They tell us that in 1995 Scandic introduced the environmentally friendly room based on life cycle thinking: looking at the impacts of something over the course of its entire life cycle or from "cradle to grave". They use eco-labelled wood, all-natural materials and fabrics and they avoid the use of plastic and metals. On top of that 97% of the room can be recycled and unsorted waste was reduced by 40%! They consume less energy and cleaning products during their life time, while compact fluorescents are used to light these dreamy, modern rooms. All of the new rooms at Scandic are built with life cycle thinking and the older rooms that are rebuilt each year are converted into environmentally friendly rooms. They report that this creates a reduction in the annual consumption of non-renewable resources of approximately 15 tons of metal and 90 tons of plastic. Impressive. Once again, Scandic is leading the way when it comes to hotel design and eco-friendly vacationing. Make yourself a reservation if you are in their neck of the woods. Image Credit: Trip Advisor.

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