ReIY: Building Material Reuse Centers for the UK

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Construction Waste Diverted from Landfill
Walk past your nearest construction site, and chances are you'll see piles of materials that may or may not make it into the final building. As with many industries, the level of waste is often quite staggering. In North America at least, the building industry in many areas has been able to benefit from RE stores, or Building Material Reuse Centers, where construction waste is sorted and resold, rather than sent to landfill (check out the online directory of Building Material Reuse Centers for your nearest store). Now the idea is coming to the UK too, thanks to those creative folks at the Bioregional Development Group (yes, the same team that brought us One Planet Living communities, Bioregional Charcoal, Local Paper, and much more). The first UK projects, dubbed ReIY Centres, are planned for The Wirral, Waltham Forest and Tees Valley. Cara Whelan, ReIY Project Manager at BioRegional had this to say about the project:
"We have found that there's fantastic support for ReIY Centres. They will save contractors money as it will be cheaper to send waste to a ReIY Centre than taking it to land fill. They will create jobs and what's also really important is that they will save natural resources — a shocking 13% of construction materials never get used and end up in land fill sites"

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