Reinier de Jong's TUIN


Rotterdam designer Reinier de Jong notes:

"Housing in big city centres seems to consist of small apartments. Highrise equals apartments. Or so it seems. However many cities economically really need well-to-do middle class dwellers. They flee to suburbia as soon as salaries go up and kids arrive."

So he takes the standard suburban typology, the two storey house with a garden, and stacks them on top of each other, "so we will diminish the suburban sprawl that is swallowing up our precious land."


"The project TUIN ('garden') combines highrise with a typical suburban housing typology: a two storey dwelling with garden. A height of seven metres and a depth of one metre of soil guarantees a true garden. Enough for sunlight, rain and wind to enter and nourish trees, shrubs, flowers and grass."


Stacked townhouses have been around for a while, but never with such an extreme cantilever to make those open gardens. Nice. ::Reinier de Jong

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