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Image courtesy: Rhode Island School of Design

Including sustainability as a best practice has influenced business, but it has fundamentally changed the technology, design, architecture, and textile industries. These changes are leading the new green economy and creating new opportunities in the job market.

To consider the implications of these changes, the Rhode Island School of Design is hosting the Symposium on Design and Industry in the Age of Sustainability on October 22.RISD explains that the symposium is intended to:

The symposium will be a lively, interactive discussion about how to join the leading edge of the greatest creative and economic opportunity of the 21st Century.

Speakers include Matt Grigsby, the CEO and co-founder of Ecolect (he's also a TreeHugger guest contributor); Dawn Oliveira, co-founder of Oliveira Textiles, Charlie Cannon, RISD Associate Professor of Industrial Design and co-founder of the Innovation Studio and LOCAL Architecture Research Design; and Meaghan O'Neill, who is, of course, TreeHugger's editor and the co-author of Ready, Set, Green.

It will be an opportunity for:

Thought-leaders in the Green Economy to spotlight the ways sustainability has impacted the job market and modern living, through the worlds of textiles, product design, construction, architecture and technology.

It will also be an opportunity for you to engage in a conversation with some of the leading figures of the sustainability movement.

Pre-register for the October 22 event by calling (401) 454-6209. Pre-registration is required for the event. You can find more information at RISD's website.

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