Red Flag Design: Boat Sail Bags

Stuart Sproule and Barnaby Killam started Vancouver, B.C.-based Red Flag Design to create unique bags that more uniquely focus on the material and the construction process. Before starting production in 2004, they researched materials that held meaning other than simple aesthetics, materials that had history and stories embedded in them. The first such material they came up with was recycled boat sails (which is a topic we've covered before), and their line of AUM (Alternate Use Material) bags was born. Eight different designs are produced under the AUM line, from large duffels to purses and wallets, and each is super-functional and one-of-a-kind. Red Flag feels that because these materials were created solely with a specific function in mind, making them into something different transforms their previously functional attributes into elements of beauty. They have a snazzy new website, complete with an online shop where you can order your own; if you live in or around Vancouver, you can also find out where to go and get one in town. ::Red Flag Design