Recycling Used Engine Oil into Fuel Oil


Japanese environmental equipment manufacturer Fuji Energy has developed a compact processing device for converting used engine oil or other waste oils into fuel oil. This device mixes used engine oil and type A fuel in a 40-60 ratio, heats it to 60° C and removes solids using a centrifuge. Following this, the oil is passed through a precision filter six or seven times, breaking it down to micron-sized units. When these are emulsified, the result is an alternative fuel for boilers with virtually the same composition as type A fuel oil. Fuji Energy has already built a large model of the processing device and is testing it at a hot-bath facility in Ehime Prefecture. The device clears exhaust gas regulations, the company says. It can process around 100 liters of oil a day and costs around ¥1,000 (US$8.70) a month to operate.

The compact version—priced at ¥5.5 million (US$48,000)—is 80 x 80 x 130cm and can be installed beside and connected to a type A fuel oil boiler. Fuji Energy aims to ship 50 a year to transportation companies and food factories, using as a selling point the device’s ability to reduce fuel expenses by 30%.

Via: Green Car Congress