Recycling Pallets into Art and Architecture

pallet house pedalling photo

Preston at Jetson Green tells us that there are about TWO BILLION pallets in circulation around the globe, and about two thirds of them are only used once. In America alone, about four billion board-feet of wood pallets are thrown away every year.

HDR Architecture, a monster architecture- engineering firm and surprising source, came up with Unit Load_Redux, a temporary exhibit built from pallets and bicycles.

bike for pallet house photo

Visitors get on bikes connected to generators, which power the LED lighting at night.

pallet house at night photo

More at ::Jetson Green
Other Pallets we have loved


Pallet-House: Modular Refugee Housing

"The Pallet-House while quick and easy to build also allows for a gradual evolution from emergency shelter to permanent housing, ‘with the addition of more stable indigenous materials like rubble, stone, earth, mud, plaster and concrete.’"


Pallet-House System – Triangular and Cubic Dwelllings

"‘the Pallet House© emerges as a manifesto against overpackaged architecture, exploring the essential use of elemental frame models, applied mainly in urban and rural contexts."


From Haute Nature: studiomama: pallet chair

Nina Tolstrup of Studio Mama is a London designer who created the Pallet Chair. Based on budget constrictions and found materials, her design fashions a used pallet into a lovely and more modern version of the comfy adirondack chair.


Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy