Recycling for Charities: Benefitting Everyone!

This holiday season, lots of people, like this guy, may be asking Santa for a new cell phone or other fun electronic gadget, leaving the outdated, upgraded phone or other digital what-have-you out in the cold. We want to be sure these old digital cameras, PDAs and the like don't end up where they don't belong. There are over 500 million idle cell phones here in the States, and they contain toxins such as lead and mercury that can leak out of landfills and into drinking water and other harmful places. Enter Recycling for Charities, (RFC) a non-profit organization whose goal to keep unwanted wireless equipment out of landfills. Individuals and corporations alike can collect old electronic equipment and send it to RFC; the money from each unit collected will be donated to your charity of choice. RFC accepts all makes and models, regardless of working condition and all donations are tax-deductible. Non-profit organizations can sign up to be included on the list of charities by going to the RFC website. Better for everyone: you, your old gear, your favorite charity, and our planet. ::Recycling for Charities