Recycling Bin Concept Makes Stuff Out of Your Paper Waste

concept recycling bin image

Image via Yanko Design

This idea transforms the recycling bin into a reuse bin. The idea is you fill the bin with paper, and it spits out a reusable product made from the paper, like a waste basket or stool. There's just one problem......It probably won't ever work as an actual product. The device looks like it would be fairly energy and materials intensive, which might negate any eco benefit of localized manufacturing with recycled materials.

Yanko Design writes, "The recycle bin for its eco-conscious, part features a touchscreen navigation display, a slot on the top for you to slide in the paper sheets, a cement-mixture-pouring-in compartment and thermovents at the back." Cement?? Not too earth friendly. There's other bonding materials that would be far better - though the bigger problem is how you maintain the machine with the materials inside. Plus, there's only so many stools and trash bins one could need - what else might this machine be able to produce?

recycle bin concept image

This product is squarely in the realm of concept, with loads of design problems to work out - but the idea is really cool. Gaining a new product from used materials immediately, rather than sending materials off to recycling centers for processing is an appealing notion.

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