Recyclicity, Re-using Waste in Architecture


We mentioned Recyclicity before on TreeHugger but it’s about time we give these Dutch promoters of the re-use of waste a little more credit. Rotterdam based Recyclicity is an initiative of the 2012Architects who also founded Superuse, the online pin board of inventive ways to recycle. Fed up with the traditional way of recycling by sorting and chopping up waste into little pieces which often looses the identity and quality of the material and involves a high energy consumption, Recyclicity, whose focus is mainly on architecture and construction, are investigating using waste in its initial state. This results in much less added energy during transport and processing of the waste-material. This design approach can be called re-using and should result in upcycling rather than downcycling. But also from a creative point of view, this way of recycling triggers innovative new uses, ‘will lead to innovative applications in the building-industry and will create unexpected designs’. The online Recyclicity Lab promotes building experiments from waste, collects data and offers a waste-sample collection. There are plenty of inspirational examples on the web site (although currently under construction it seems), of which some are in Dutch only unfortunately but they are all very well photo-documented. You find projects like la Maison Gomme, a functional four-season garden house constructed from re-used wood, car tyres, insulation glass and stainless steel trays, or, the temporary office by Rotar in Brussels which consisted of a pavilion made from waste-materials while using the neighbours walls and support beams for stability. While Superuse has probably taken over showing the latest recycling projects, Recyclicity has an interesting ‘recent offers/components’ section where different waste-materials are on offer. ::Recyclicity

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