Recycled Tree Trunk Chairs are So Appropriate for TreeHuggers

skram chair photo

Image from Skram

As TreeHuggers how could we resist the chance to bring a real tree into the living room. Especially if it is made of reclaimed timber that would otherwise be discarded. Several new designers are giving us just this opportunity.

The Wood Drop is a stool created from chunks of timber found in North Carolina. The pieces still have the original cracks and flaws and these add to the warmth and appeal. The designer, Jacob Marks, calls them an exercise in "deliberate imperfection."


Image from Malafor

A little slicker and more colourful, are these chairs from a Polish design company, Malafor. The stool is formed from a solid piece of oak cut crosswise and wrapped in steel. They come with a shiny metallic polished steel surface or brightly painted in red, white or black "trunk" colours. Note the handle on the side, so they can be carried away with you.

art net photo

Image from artnet

Of course the original and the classic is the Jurgen Bey tree trunk with bronze chair backs from the year 2000. Interestingly, Bey only sells the chair backs because he thinks it is ridiculous to transport trees when they are available locally.


Image from Wycliffestutchbury

These pictures created out of fallen and discarded timber from the English country side are very quiet and beautiful works of art. The artist collects the pieces from "discarded floorboards from a Victorian terraced house, a garden fence, a branch of Sycamore found on the floor of the scrub that fringes the fields on my farm on the Sussex Downs or a 40 year old Oak gate post." He says that the sense of place is very important to his work.


Gate post, Gayles Farm, Friston, East Sussex
Stages of weathering in a coastal location over a thirty year period.

The compositions made from bits of fallen timber are "studies in the narrative beauty of wood. They are made to reveal timbers' response to its environment over time. Its unfashioned beauty, durability and vulnerability."

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