Recycled Toothbrush Targets Mainstream Market


We have known about the Recycline Preserve toothbrush for a few years, but now it is going mainstream. Rider Thompson of Sustainable is Good, writes:

"Recycline’s backbone product, the Preserve Toothbrush is being tested at 100 Target Stores and the company doesn’t know how long the super retailer will give them to prove mainstream consumers want their eco-friendly product. Talk about pressure for the Waltham, MA company founded by Eric Hudson. Hudson and his company have been making major strides in the last few years and the next step is to break into the mainstream consumer market."

The article notes that much of the recycled plastic in the toothbrushes and razors comes from Stoneyfield Farms' waste yoghurt containers. Recycline’s Kathryn Lively told Rider: “Our relationship with Stonyfield Farm is a great example of how businesses of the future can work. Here we have one company (Recycline) that uses another company's waste (Stonyfield yogurt cups) to make their products (Preserve brand products). " Read the whole article at ::Sustainable is Good

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