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This week we’ve particularly enjoyed looking at, a Dutch website that reports on recycling projects around the world. Amongst many others there are two projects that stick out for their originality and feel good factor. The first being a project by architecture students from Dalhousie University using phone books and the second is in the emergency shelter camps in Pakistan where they've found a new use for advertising billboards. The architecture students from Halifax were given phone books as a building material for their final year project and they are currently using about 7,000 of them to build a one-room house, which they call the Phone Booth. As their professor Richard Kroeker says “…there are thousands of them thrown out every year when the phone company comes and brings in a new phone book for the year. It occurred to me that they're more or less a building block." Kroeker persuaded a recycling company to give him the books and the land to build the house. However the durability of the phone book house has yet to be tested against the elements. Far away in Northern Pakistan fighting the elements is just what they had in mind when they had the bright idea of using advertising billboards as waterproof coverings for tents. These tents in Muzaffarabad are sheltering those made homeless by the earthquake. In the viciously cold winter up there they need as much protection as possible right now. Apart from the practical use of the billboards they also add aesthetic value. With their bold colours and optimistic imagery the new covers brighten up the campsite considerably. Isn’t it great to finally see a Nestle advert being put to good use where it is really needed! Thanks to Material Explorer for the link to :: Recyclicity
[Leonora & Petz]