Recycled Saddle Leather Journals from Scribesdelight

The past few times we went camping we’ve brought along a few journals to write down our thoughts and document the cool things we see but it always seems like we have the same complaint – they just aren’t rugged enough. The journals we’ve used tend to bend in our packs and often times get damp; you know the ones. However, it seems Kathleen S. may have found a solution for our next trek into the Appalachians. She forwarded along a site called Scribesdelight, a company that offers recycled saddle leather journals. We like that no two are alike and the fact that they never show signs of wear. And, if we run out of pages in our journal we don’t have to worry about purchasing a new one because these are refillable. Scribesdelight also sells recycled saddle leather organizers, sketchbooks, portfolios and totes and all can be monogrammed for personalization. Thanks, Kathleen, for the tip! ::Scribesdelight