Recycled Road Sign Furniture by Boris Bally (Photos)

Photos: courtesy of Boris Bally

The orphaned road sign is a common trophy in college dorm rooms, pubs and the like, but Rhode Island-based artist Boris Bally takes it a step further design-wise by converting them into graphically striking furniture pieces. Bally calls his furniture "humanufactured" -- meaning that it's all done by hand -- hand-fabricated, pierced, brake-formed and finished. Here's more of his outstanding furniture and home accessories, all visually surprising and all handcrafted from "the dissected remains of street signs".Bally's work turns the discarded into something useful and beautiful in its own right, while also praising the "raw American street-aesthetic".


His high-backed chairs in particular are attention-grabbers, combining modernist lines with bold graphics. Some of them even feature local but internationally-recognizable signage, like these New York subway pieces.


Of course, there's a series of equally eye-popping low tables too to go with the chairs, and a larger-sized table for dining.



Then there's this rather juicy yellow chair made from bus stop signs (which we wonder could be a prototype for some kind of road sign rocking chair?).


Best of all, the road sign furniture can be disassembled for easier transport -- not quite flatpack but pretty close.


But Bally is not restricted to road signs; he also uses old weapon parts and other found objects to put together attractive housewares, like these metal platters -- not to mention cutlery, jewelry, even dumbbell sets! Check out the rest of Bally's extensive body of elegantly functional and colourful pieces on his website.


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