Recycled Reee Chair Resurrects Old Playstations

The Reee Chair is manufactured from recycled plastic from old playstations photo

Recycled Chair from Used Games Consoles
We're all about finding new life for old goods here at TreeHugger. From jet planes becoming hostels to Worn Again recycled shoes made from parachutes, thrift-store cast offs and even prison blankets, recycling really comes into its own when you can use the story behind the source material to your advantage — it's kind of neat to know that the product you just bought had a previous life. Hats off then to UK-based Pli Design who should gain the interest of ardent gaming fans with their new Reee Chair, created from plastic recycled from used computer games console casings. What's even better for sustainability geeks like myself is that the chair is designed for future repair, or further recycling:

Each chair uses 2.4 kg of recycled plastic and the chair parts are
designed to be disassembled at the end of their life and recycled again and
again. The production of recycled plastic requires a fraction of the energy
used for 'virgin' plastic that comes straight from the oil barrel. And
because the chair is also completely sourced and manufactured in the UK, it
travels a fraction of the distance from factory to customer when compared
to a chair made in Asia, all of which makes it highly attractive to
furniture buyers who put environmental responsibility and sustainability on
their list of 'must haves'.

Alex Whitney, Pli's design manager, said: "The simple idea behind the
Reee chair is to produce a recycled furniture product in the UK that has
style, function and durability but does not compromise its environmental
credentials — so our customers don't have to compromise theirs."

::Pli Design::thanks to Christopher for the tip!::

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