Recycled Pots from Sarah Thirlwell

sarah thirlwell crafts photo

Sarah Thirlwell's wood and recycled plastic pots are a wonderful discovery at Origin: the London Craft Fair. These beautifully shaped vessels, made out of sustainable home grown timber and recycled plastic, are both functional and decorative.

Sarah Thirlwell uses recycled yoghurt pots, which look like cream coloured marble with flecks, and combines them with plywood or birch which is shaped on a lathe. The black vessels are made from the coffee cups from vending machines. Some are entirely black with dark flecks in them, and others are combined with wood. Some other pots are made from fridge lining. The recycled materials are created by Smile Plastics, a company which has been committed to creating new materials out of old plastic since 1994.

thirlwell crafts photo

Thirlwell graduated from art school in Manchester in 2000 and in her work she has been trying to combine natural and synthetic materials and make them work together.

Other brightly coloured vessels are made out of reclaimed acrylic, which was formerly used for street signs.
Using wood turning skills and a modern simple aesthetic, she makes you look twice at traditional ideas of craft. Last year she won a prize at this fair and it is easy to see why she did. Origin: The London Craft Fair
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