Recycled Paper Works Feature at Origin Craft Fair

tina dollar photo

Photo: B. Alter, Tine De Ruysser
Origin: The Contemporary Craft Fair is the annual juried fair where some of the most sophisticated craftspeople from around the world show their wares.

This year's (unofficial) theme seems to be paper: everyone is using it for pottery, pictures and jewellery. Must be the economy...

tine money photo

Photo: B. Alter, Tine De Ruysser, China Yuan

This is a unique one: the designer buys money at current rates and then works with it to make necklaces, vases and bracelets. The jewellery is made by orgami, japanese paper folding. She sees wearing banknotes as an alternative to wearing precious materials.

As part of her project, she has started the World Money Project, a worldwide art project about the value of money. She is asking people to send a banknote from their country, along with a questionnaire so that she can make a worldwide piece of art that is a comment on the role of money in our daily lives.

mette maya photo

Photo: B. Alter, Mette Maya Gregersen

These very organic vases are made of recycled newspaper and clay by a Danish potter. She is inspired by the waves and the sea. The recycled paper strengthens the clay and makes it lighter and more flexible. This mixture allows her to create these sculptural shapes.

gill wilson photo

Photo: B. Alter, Gill Wlson

These paperworks are inspired by the geometry of the natural world. She learned the art in Japan and India. The artist works with the pulp of plant fibres which are malleable when washed and moistened. The fibres come from barley straw. The pulp is hand dyed to produce a subtle natural palette. The pieces are quite intricate and almost look like paintings.

momo ko photo

Photo: B. Alter, Momoko Kuma

These exquisite brooches are made out of natural paper by a Japanese designer. The texture of the materials and simplicity are emphasized in abstract forms.

claire bird photo

Photo: B. Alter, Claire Brewster

Here's a new use for your old maps. This artist collects old maps from all the usual places: e-bay, etsy, charity shops, and then hand cuts them into these beautiful patterns and designs. The birds, flowers and insects come to life under her nimble fingers.

rebecca paper photo

Photo: B. Alter, Rebecca Coles

The lovely butterflies leap off the wall. They are created from old stamps, catalogues, magazines and wall paper. The artist just uses scissors to make three dimensional decorative forms.

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Recycled Paper Works Feature at Origin Craft Fair
This year's (unofficial) theme seems to be paper: everyone is using

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