Recycled Milk Crates Transformed Into Living Pavilion: Behin + Ha


More crate-crazed creativity than you can shake a stick at -- this time, in the shape of a curvaceous, wave-form pavilion made from an assemblage of recycled white milk crates. But that's not all -- the crates aren't just stand-alone components, they also serve as suspended beds for the greenery that lines the inside of the structure -- a pretty inventive way to turn a wall of crates into a living skin.



Designed by Ann Ha and Behrang Behin and winner for the City of Dreams Pavilion competition of this year's Figment Festival, the 10-foot tall, tent-like structure features reused milk crates from Admar Plastics, which already contain 15 to 20 percent recycled post-consumer plastic content.


Liriope is the shade-tolerant plant species used on the underside, while on the outer layer, grass was planted in order to keep the roots of the liriope cool. Overall, the mosaic of planted crate surfaces provides a beautiful shady area of living green for visitors.


The pavilion will be up until October 3rd on Governor's Island, on the Parade Grounds, near Fort Jay and Nolan Park. After that, it will be disassembled and the crates re-distributed around New York City -- so visit while you can.

via Inhabitat
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