Recycled Juice Boxes Become Biomorphic Lamp

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Inspired by origami and biomorphism, Dutch artist Ebére Groenouwe created the Loxolop hanging lamp. Made of waste paper from a juice-carton factory (which means it's readily recyclable), the Loxolop ships in a tidy little package, its two pieces assembled by the user on arrival.
We've seen other illuminative flatpack artifacts such as the laser-cut 3D lamp from Dror Benshetrit, the Curly, and the Japanese Honeycomb Lamp. As Core-77 points out, assembly of the Loxolop does look a bit intimidating. A bit of finagling is probably worth an eco-friendly fixture that looks like it might climb down and attach itself to your guest's face and lay alien eggs within, no?loxolop recycled paper lamp photo

All Loxolops are handmade by the artist herself. Says she: "In my eyes the Loxolop is not a lamp. The Loxolop functions as a lamp but mainly the Loxolop just is." 39.95 Euros gets you the organism itself-the fixture and bulb are up to you, so a dimmable CFL or LED would probably be most appropriate. Check out How to Green Your Lighting if you need a refresher.

loxolop recycled paper lamp photo
loxolop recycled paper lamp photo

loxolop recycled paper lamp photo

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