Recycled Funeral Stationery: Remembrance Tree Papers

Memorial trees handmade funeral bookmarks photo

Handmade, Wildflower Seeded Memorial Stationary
When I wrote a guide on How to Green Your Funeral, it was received with skepticism from some readers who felt it was taking environmentalism 'too far'. Yet if we try to live our lives as greenly as possible, then surely we would want our deaths to be handled in the same manner? Thankfully, the options are improving for those seeking a greener way to go. From jute coffins to biodegradable urns, there's no reason to spend eternity in a concrete mausoleum anymore. Heck - one guy even wants to compost his own corpse. Now Twisted Limb Papers - the folks who have been making stunning handmade wedding invites and other stationary for years - are coming out with their own line of memorial stationary. Perhaps wisely, they're doing so under a different name.Concerned that folks might not be familiar with their brand, and that Twisted Limb had the wrong feel for memorial stationary, the collection will be launched under the Remembrance Tree Papers brand name:

Twisted Limb Paperworks, the sustainable handmade recycled paper making and invitation company based in Bloomington, Indiana, announces the new brand, Remembrance Tree Papers for their new line of handmade 100% recycled memorial stationery. The line includes customized memorial bookmarks, guest registers, thank-you notes that can be embedded with wildflower seeds, memorial service invitations and programs. Handmade paper urns embedded with tree seeds will eventually be included.

"We wanted a brand name related to trees that would make sense to our current customers and a logo with a softer, more comforting look for grieving families who are not yet familiar with our business," founding artist and owner Sheryl Woodhouse-Keese says. The name Remembrance Tree Papers refers to the tree that the business will plant for each order, in honor of the deceased, through the organization Trees for the Future.

I hope they're still in business when my time eventually comes.

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