Recycled Freitag Bags Become Compost Art During Vienna Design Week

Freitag compost bag art photo
Image: Walking Chair Gallery
Freitag bags are a modern eco classic. Swiss brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag make their slick bags, wallets, iPhone cases, and other accessories from discarded tarps, the type used by long-distance freight trucks in Europe. Even their Zurich store is made from shipping containers. Recently, the two suave gents were recruited by a Vienna art gallery as part of Vienna Design Week to partake in "Urban Gardening," an art installation involving an active compost pile. Freitag supplied 100 limited edition compost bags to patrons on opening night on the promise that, for three months, they bring their food scraps back to the gallery to become part of the arty compost heap. The Freitag brothers kicked things off by making a big soup, feeding gallery-goers while inaugurating the pile with their peelings.
Video: designboom

We see a lot of compost methods on TreeHugger, everything from indoor Japanese Bokashi bins to fancy backyard spinners. Bags aren't something we often see--let's just hope they're sewn tight at the bottom, especially for the sake of the trip back to Walking Chair Gallery with a week's worth of coffee grounds and potato peelings.

freitag compost bag promise photo
Each person who went home with a bag made a promise to return their compost to the gallery "in some form" for three months. Image: designboom
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