Recycled Ceramics and Dishware from Sarah Cihat


Brooklyn-based designer Sarah Cihat scours garage sales and thrift shops, looking for ceramics that she can give a second life to. She takes the discarded dishware and reglazes it, turning old and frumpy cast-offs into fun, funky, artful dishes. Fond of the silhouette, most of her work features animals, people and things like anchors and skull-n-crossbones in colorful contrast the ceramics' new glaze; says the designer, "Each piece represents a rejection of more brand new products filling shelves and storage closets. Rehabilitated Dishware is a subtle statement of the importance of recycling and the renewed value of unwanted things."

Her work is available from a list of stockists from New York to Los Angeles, and via Rose and Radish online. Hit the jump for more pics from her gorgeous new collection. ::Sarah Cihat via ::design*sponge



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