Recycle a Christmas Tree; Make a Stool

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The big day is over and it's time to think about getting rid of the tree. If you've got a sturdy one and want a piece of furniture, here's an idea.

A London art gallery will organize a bespoke stool, made with the trunk and branches of your tree. They will come and pick it up and an artist will hand craft a Christmas Tree Stool for your house.

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The Christmas Tree Project will make use of abandoned and previously loved trees from across the London area. Given that 976,000 Christmas trees will be dumped this season - left in a laneway, shoved in a rubbish bin, or dumped on a street corner, this is a gift to the environment and a way of making use of precious wood from the tree trunks and branches.

The designer Fabien Cappello, a former art college student, says that he is " a designer working mainly with furniture, products, cities, factories, systems, key cutters, locality, christmas trees, collaborators and friends."

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Each stool is different and unique. Stools are an obvious choice because they are small in scale and can fit into any size apartment or house. He likes to use local materials and tools and manufacturing techniques in his work. The trunks become legs and seats, the branches became dowels, and the needles became a new compressed board material.

Discussing the philosophy behind his work he said in an interview last year in dezeen that: "Christmas trees are one of the trees that have one of the faster growing, and most of the trees "consumed" over the Christmas period are 2 or 3 years old (which is extremely young for wood). And of course this wood is also interesting because it is a part of a very precise system and economy organized around Christmas and I wanted to create my own world within it."

The gallery will arrange collection of the trees and a portion of the profits will be donated to the Woodland Trust.
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