Recurseo's Accesories With Recovered Materials, from Peru


Recurseo, which in Spanish means something like re orientation, is the name of a Peruvian group of designers, architects and artists whose aim is to give new life to discarded materials. "In Peru, Recurseo means 'the vision required to use or adapt any kind of media to get what you want', and we also chose it as a reference to other 'res' such as recycling, reuse, rethink and redo", they explain. The group was born in 2005 to promote sustainable design in Peru, and it's integrated by industrial designers Alvaro Chang-Say, Cecilia Aniya, Federico Otero and Ricardo Geldres, plastic artist Kareen Nishimura, graphic designer Sandra Tineo, architect Sebastián Bravo and interiors architect Valerie Doehler (last two from BA Interior, previously featured by us). "Recurseo groups these designers and provides marketing channels, but each of us develop our own products; the collective then qualifies them before incorporating them to its lines," explains Sebastián Bravo. "Our parameters have to do with conditions such as materials (local, recycled, recyclable, certified), manufacture (low energetic consume, technology), functionality, durability and efficiency, or social function." While testing their products in shops in Lima, Peru, they have recently inaugurated a new website. Their goal is to take them to Latin America, the USA and Europe. See the products we chose to feature in the extended. ::Recurseo

The cardboard bench: made with recycled corrugated cardboard and metal structure.


The bathroom-rug purse: Made with, well, a bathroom rug.


The balloons purse: A bag from a rubber rug and covered with latex balloons.


The bottles plate: Made with pieces of glass from recycled bottles.


The rubber bench: From recovered EVA rubber pieces with metallic structure.


The tires bench: Made with recovered tires with MDF base and metallic structure.