Rectangles are for Squares: Split Series by Peter Marigold


Part geometry lesson and part reclaimed materials-use lesson, the Split Series from Peter Marigold shows that it doesn't take fancy materials to create striking, artful shelving. The designer, who seems fascinated with creating shelving and storage solutions (we featured his groovy Make/Shift shelving before), created these amazingly simple shelves by bisecting a round log into four (unequal) sections and adding some slats around the outside. The result: oddly geometric, stackable (but not in a boring way -- rectangles are for squares!), shelves that are easy to scale up; just grab another log and a couple more slats. While the finished product, which is oddly reminiscent of something you'd see in a Dr. Seuss cartoon, may not be a fit for everyone's style, we love the creativity and recall of 7th grade geometry that goes in to each design. More pics, including some stand-alone shelving, after the jump. ::Peter Marigold via ::pan-dan