Recpol Collection of Used Plastic Silo Bags

Thanks to the devaluation of the peso by the end of 2002, a great increase of the farming activity occurred in Argentina, specially with soybean cultivation. But as this growth of the production took place very suddenly and the demand grew quickly, the grain storage silos began to scarce in the fields. The solution to this problem was the silo-bag: a folded polyethylene tube that can store up to 200 tons of grains.
It isn't difficult to understand why the producers chose the system..... (that was already spread in other countries): it allows to improve the functioning of the machineries, to have more control of the harvest, and plus, it's less expensive than the traditional metal silos, since grain transportation is not needed and the bags are bought (not rented, like the others).
On the other hand, it's not so difficult either to understand why we see this as a horror: kilos and kilos of heavy plastic reproducing everywhere in the fields, whose difficult elimination causes the producers to implement the burning or burial of the used material, causing greater environmental contamination.
It was facing this, that the recycling and manufacturer of trash bags company Recpol, along with silo-bag producer Ipesa, associated to provide the service of collecting and recycling the silo-bags. And since its launch, in November 2003, they collected over 460 tons of silos in disuse, which are recycled into Recpol products. The harvesting is a free service, and by each bag, a credit is generated in Ipesa for the producer who gave it.
We know that the ideal would be to eradicate the use of this type of materials, but the system is at least saving Argentinean fields to become huge harvests of waste. Website of ::Recpol is under construction, but they can also be contacted by E-mail.