Recovered Materials Toys at Malba, Buenos Aires

From July 25 until August 27, our featured Satori presents at the Buenos Aires Museum of Latin American Art (Malba; 3415 Figueroa Alcorta Av.) the result of its second experience: a toy collection from repurposed materials. Satori is a concept by well-known eco-designer Alejandro Sarmiento and journalist Lujan Cambariere in which a group of Architecture and Design students from Latin America (in this case, of 50 people) gather in an experimental design laboratory to create new products around a category or an idea with leftovers from several industries. In this opportunity, the surplus was mainly from the cosmetic industry, donated by Natura, also featured in TH and the workshop took place at Easy, a home supplies chain that has been relating to the repurposing with a campaign we wrote about here. The exhibition of these toys is taking place at the design store in Malba (open Wednesday to Monday from 12pm to 8pm), where the toys are up for sale for prices that go from 14 pesos to 68 pesos (5 to 23 dollars). See the extended for more photos (Image here: Marionettes, made with lipstick and perfume caps).

Naturitos, produced with cream recipient, lipstick packages a deodorant cap and eye shadow brushes.


Cintias, dolls made with bicycle tires and fabric leftovers.


Ushkas, dolls produced with fabric scraps that emulate the Russian Mamushkas.


Ruedadores, made from a deodorant package covered with a piece of perforated bicycle tire. The wheels are cans’ taps covered with tire.

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