Recovered Cardboard Shaped Into Sleek Wavy Chairs And Tables At FPD In Buenos Aires

Cardboard Chair By Ana Mitrano Photo

Photos: Ana Mitrano.
Feria Puro Diseño (FPD), the largest design fair in Buenos Aires, is taking place this week in the city with some interesting finds -plus the bunch of crap that's always present at these types of events-.

One of such findings is the work of Ana Mitrano, an Argentinean architect that builds these organic-shaped chairs and furniture pieces from recovered cardboard.

Cardboard Armchair By Ana Mitrano Photo

Sliding Cardboard Chairs By Ana Mitrano Photo

Of course cardboard is no stranger to TreeHugger: we've seen cool accessories, interiors, art exhibitions and even architecture from this recyclable, biodegradable material.

Still, there's always room for new alternatives, and Mitrano has achieved neat shapes in chairs, tables and clothes hangers with the use of assembled and pressed cardboard plaques.

Cardboard Table By Ana Mitrano Photo

Cardboard Coffee Table By Ana Mitrano Photo

Even if they are not exactly the best choice for small spaces, there are also some sliding models that make better use of space.

According to the architect, the chairs can support over 100 kilograms (220 pounds).

Cardboard Clothes Hanger By Ana Mitrano Photo

For more on Mitrano's work, head to her website.

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