Reclaimed-Wood Furniture by Carlos Motta


A former surfer, Brazilian designer Carlos Motta began creating furniture with pieces of wood the ocean brought to the shore at Southern Sao Paulo in the 70s. After receiving an Architecture degree in 1976, he moved to California, where he continued his studies on woodwork. Back in Sao Paulo in 1978, he opened his atelier.

From the beginning, states the designer, the goal was to make furniture "with the lesser environmental impact," so he decided to work with recycled wood, demolition residues, pieces coming from shores and rivers and FSC certified wood. He now has eleven collections of furniture that include benches, chairs, chaise longue, tables, easychairs, sofas, and special projects done by request.

He sells in different States of Brazil, New York, Los Angeles, Utrecht (Netherlands), and Paris.

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A variant of the Asturias chair.

The Braz chair.

Coffee table from reclaimed wood.

If you like Motta's work, check other amazing Brazilian designers and artists such as Hugo França and Lara Donatoni Matana, who also work with reclaimed wood.

::Carlos Motta

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