Really Cool Chair from Reclaimed Window Blinds + Table and Benches from Recovered Materials

Chair from reclaimed wood and window blinds by Gruba Photo

Photos: Courtesy of Gruba.

Argentine design studio Gruba (which we've talked about before) has come up with a set of very cool chairs, table and benches made with reclaimed materials that are also entirely recyclable at the end of their (second) lifetime.

The first, featured above, is an incredibly good looking sofa chair made with reconstituted wood and recovered with recovered wooden window blinds. The chair is also easy to disassemble and its materials, recyclable.

Keep looking for beautiful pictures of the other items.

Table from reclaimed wood floor tiles Photo

The second item from this new collection by designers María Constanza Nuñez and Gabriel Pires Mateus (who run Gruba) is a multi-purpose coffee table made with recovered tiles of different kinds of wooden floors.

The tiles are cut to the same length and assembled into a system that allows them to be moulded into different shapes. It can be a bench, a magazine holder, a table or whatever you find it use for. This versatility is aimed not only at making it more interesting, but also at extending the object's lifetime.

Benches from discarded construction materials Photo

Finally we have these benches made with discarded materials from construction sites, mainly reconstituted woods and iron. The design intention was to expose those materials that are usually hidden, and therefore the designers created these surfaces that show the recycled woods.

At the end of its life cycle, the benches can be easily disassembled and the materials, recycled.

Gruba is based in Buenos Aires. However, apart from great buys, these are interesting ideas to get inspired into recycling.

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