Real Estate Service To Index Property Listings By Green Features


Residents of the US States of Oregon and Washington will, by Spring of 2007, be able to shop online for homes based on a select list of "green" criteria. "Oregon's Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLSâ„¢) Board of Directors recently agreed to expand its database by spring 2007 to include information on energy efficient and green home features, making this region one of the few in the nation where this is possible". There's a good news bad news element to this story. RMLSâ„¢ access is proprietary, which means you'll need an agent to access the listing fields. The good news is that green design has become so important to consumers that the real estate industry is organizing to meet demand. Translation: green design is showing one more sign of mainstreaming, starting (no surprise) in the Pacific Northwest. Hopefully, multiple listing services in cities like Austin, Berkeley, Boulder, Chicago, Denver, Eugene, Honolulu, Huntsville, Madison, Oakland, and St Paul will soon add these features. If the result is to concentrate demand and elevate the market value of green properties, nationally, the tipping point comes ever-closer.Per the detailed story at the following link: the new RMLSâ„¢ earch fields will include:

· Home performance and green home certifications such as ENERGY STAR®, LEED® for Homes, Earth Advantage® and others
· High efficiency 90 AFUE furnaces
· ENERGY STAR qualified appliances
· Source of electrical power, including specific utility service and solar features
· Additional home modifications, including sustainable materials, water filters, rain collectors & solar tubes

Footnote: The RMLSâ„¢ Board of Directors approval came in response to a proposal led by this person .

Via: Portland Business News.