Reactive solar powered robotic lamps act like pets (Video)

Bob de Graaf
© Bob de Graaf

Light can bring a space to life, but Dutch designer Bob de Graaf envisions that light itself too can be 'alive'. De Graaf's "Species of Illumination" are two clever solar-powered lamps that act like autonomous creatures that respond to our movements. Check out the video to see these two seemingly alive gadgets in action:

Species of Illumination from Bob de Graaf on Vimeo.

Bob de Graaf© Bob de Graaf

Nicknamed "Darwin" and "Wallace," these two illuminating critters are built using sensors, so that they can react to movements, or detect the darker parts of a room to light up. The point is to evoke an emotional response in us, says de Graaf:

Wallace responds to changes in light intensity in its environment and brings light to the darkest corners. Darwin searches for sunlight to charge its battery during the daytime, and in the evening wanders around the house, ‘accompanying’ us with its light. The interaction and emotional relationship they bring contribute to our well being. They behave like pets. They are lively lights you can play with.

Bob de Graaf© Bob de Graaf
Bob de Graaf© Bob de Graaf

There's a bit of Theo Jansens' Strandebeest thrown in for sure, and the details in de Graaf's design are thoughtful, most notably the torus-shaped wheels on Darwin and the lovely perforated lid (depicting a torus or sunflower pattern in plan) on Wallace.

Bob de Graaf© Bob de Graaf

It's a novel idea to anthropomorphize light in this way, having our sources of artificial light follow us around and poke their glowing heads where light is needed most. More over at Bob de Graaf.

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