Raydike Tells It Like It Will Be When The Water Levels Rise


The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commissions' Rising Tides Competition sought ideas "from practical and pragmatic to aggressively imaginative and speculative" to deal with rising water levels that will result from climate change. The judges had a problem; there were so many wildly divergent but interesting proposals that instead of giving out a top prize and secondary prizes, they just divided the prize pool among six winners.

Thom Faulders of Faulders Studio certainly fell into the aggressively imaginative category: a "dike" made of lasers that will let citizens know what their city will be like if something isn't done.


DesignBoom was kind enough to transcribe:

Raydike' is a temporary laser light marker system that accurately maps a hypothetical barrier network to protect bay area cities from rising waters caused by climate change.


The 'raydike' proposal is a bold and necessary next step towards raising politicalcapital and public awareness to the impact that an estimated 55 inch water level rise will have on the San Francisco bay in 100 years.


By mapping directly upon the bay how a large, standard earthen dike system lining the coast would appear, complete with accurate elevation heights and geographic locations. 'Raydike' is a real time knowledge and awareness system. additionally once deployed its presence could begin to stem the flow of new urban development into affected low lying areas and would initiate the process for tidal zone land reclamation.

More at the Rising Tides Competition site and at Designboom.

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