Raw Meets Industrial in RAWtation by Adi Zaffran Weisler

Photos: Adi Zaffran Weisler and Oded Antman

Wood and plastic may seem irreconcilable at first glance, but in Israeli designer Adi Zaffran Weisler's furniture series RAWtation, the raw n' rustic meets moulded, industrial forms in a simply striking set of textural geometries and materials that seems to finally lay their differences to rest.



Rough around the edges but skillfully combining salvaged tree branches with plastic that's been altered by the rotational moulding process (wouldn't it be even better if it was reclaimed plastic or discarded rubber tires?), Zaffran Weisler describes RAWtation on his website:

As I was learning the industrial process of plastic rotational molding I discovered the potential for combining raw organic elements in the process. I created a method where the meeting point between the organic and the synthetic is made by the rotational molding process without the need for cold joints or complex adjustments. The manufacturing process uses pruned branches, trunks and foliage combined with plastic which creates the joints.
From the manufacturing process a new esthetic language is created out of basic shapes and raw material.

Some photos of his process work:



Looking for more visions for the "realization of an egalitarian society and human values through design proposals that are easy, convenient, and pleasant to use"? Well, there's more: Zaffran Weisler's creation was but one of the 240 thought-provoking shortlisted entries for the 2010 Design for All competition, in collaboration with Seoul Design Fair 2010.

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