Randy Cohen: Should Cars be Allowed in NYC's Central Park? (Video)

What do you think?
Our friend Clarence Eckerson Jr. rode around New York with Randy Cohen, author of "The Ethicist" column for the NY Times Magazine. Mr. Cohen is obviously passionate about cycling and raises many good points. He mentions that it often seems like people's happiness is inversely proportional to the length of their commute, a rule of thumb that makes a lot of sense. He also praises the NYCDOT's Janette Sadik-Khan for transforming the city by creating bike-friendly infrastructure and more public space for pedestrians. Another question that he raises: Should cars be allowed in New York's Central Park? What do you think? Via StreetFilms. See also: Protected Bike Lanes Increase Cycling by 30% on Vancouver's Burrard Bridge (Video)

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