Randomly Placed Solar Panels, Green Second Skin Give Stunning Look To Hotel In Chile

GEN Hotel In Santiago de Chile - Facade - Photo

Photos: GEN Hotel.

Designed as an apartment venue and later turned into a hotel, GEN is a 26-storey building designed by Felipe Assadi + Francisca Pulido located in Santiago de Chile with the usual green credentials but with two cool details: distributed energy generation with individual solar panels exposed to the front, and a second skin made with recycled aluzinc that acts as a temperature and shading control.So instead of hiding all its solar panels on the roof, GEN's designers chose to install them individually in each of the 120 front-looking apartments. This way, the energy generation is distributed and each panel works separately and more efficiently (for water and room heating), acting at the same time as a design detail on the building's facade.

They were placed randomly from the beginning, as the designers went a step ahead and assumed each user would change the place of the panels to their liking. In this way, if they are moved they do not alter the overall look. They cover 100% of the heating needs in the summer and allow savings of 70% in the winter.

GEN Hotel In Santiago de Chile - Front - Photo

Going to the second detail, the second skin is placed to the eastern facade one meter (3.2 feet) separated from the main structure and it goes up surrounding the terrace.

This addition reduces the noise from the avenue and generated a solar filter for the apartments. It's constructed from discarded aluzinc from other constructions and it was a development of the local architecture studio for Hunter Douglas.

GEN Hotel In Santiago de Chile - Second Skin - Photo

In terms of design, the two elements help the building have an homogeneous look and avoid the typical fragmented look of buildings with identical-looking storeys.

With apartments of 30, 45 and 57 sq. meters (about 320, 480, 610 sq. feet), the building (spotted at VeoVerde and Chile's Architecture Biennale website) also aimed at promoting small-space living. Though now turned into a hotel with rooms that size, it's sort of the opposite.

GEN Hotel In Santiago de Chile - Pool - Photo

Still, overall very cool project with well thought details. More on the place at their website.

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