Rainwater Harvesting Tree Doubles as Clothes Line (Video)

rain tree rainwater harvester photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Christina Bertea is an artist who believes that beautiful things can also be functional, and vice versa. Here she gives us a tour of her "Rain Tree"—a colorful installation that doubles up as a free-standing rainwater harvester.

rain tree rainwater harvester photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

But the structure—which is made from a salvaged umbrella base, mahogany plywood scraps, piping and some reclaimed convention banners—also has another function. Once the hot days of summer arrive, the banner section can be removed so the Rain Tree can also act as a clothes line.

rain tree rainwater harvester and clothes line photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

I confess I am a little in love with the videos from Fair Companies right now. Whether it's a beautiful home built from salvaged car parts, a Spanish ghost town turned eco-village. or a 16-year-old who built himself a tiny house, what sets these videos apart is not just their cool green subject matter, but the fact that they always give the creators space to express themselves and explain the deeper meaning behind what they have built.

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