Ragbag Bags: Bag Rags Re-Bagged

In many parts of the less technologically developed world, and even in cities like Chicago, trash-picking is the livelihood of a significant group of people. Unfortunately, the resources gleaned from trash often are so base-grade, that they bring a paltry amount of income, and cause serious economic strife for families depending on that income. Ragbag is a manufacturer of personal accessories which uses old HDPE bags picked from the trash heaps of New Delhi to create new packs, folders, and personal items. By creating a product which more directly uses the trash pickers wares (as opposed to a bulk plastic recycler, who would pay next to nothing per bag), Ragbag raises the value of the picked bags, and the income of the families who depend on them...The bags are collected, washed and hung dry, and separated by color. Then, Ragbag buys them and laminates them into sheets of multi-colored material for sewing into bags, binders, document rolls, and folders. The fused plastic is waterproof, so while the stitching is not, your bag can get lightly rained on without injuring its contents. Currently, the bags are only available throughout the Netherlands, but more retail outlets are promised soon. :: Ragbag Bags