Radial Timber - Thinking Inside the Square


It’s not easy being innovative and creative. Sometimes it takes a long time for people to catch onto your ingenuity. Such is the case with Radial Timber. Traditional timber sawing practices try to get square profiles out of round cross-sections of tree trunks. Such timber requires careful kiln drying to avoid the warping that often results from having cut across growth rings and stress lines. Radial sawn timber in direct constrast cuts into the trunk like you might slide a birthday cake or pizza - from the perimeter towards the centre. Timbers twist less and younger, narrower trees can be ulitised, maximising a harvest instead of burning the juveniles not normally used by a mill. Plus there is virtually no wastage. Used as cladding the sections create a lovely wave effect. A stunningly simple solution to an old problem. ::Radial Timber