Rack from Hero Design Lab Looks Good, Folds Flat



Jenny Lemieux and Leo Corrales of Hero Design Lab

We love solar powered dryers, AKA clotheslines, but many people don't have room to string one up. Drying racks are an alternative, but many are flimsy things and few are attractive. The Hero Design Lab has developed its 365 Series powder coated aluminum rack that works as a privacy screen when flat, or opens up for flat drying and with opening rods.

Jenny told Metropolis:

"The rain collectors you see are all those plastic, orange things that look horrible in a home environment," Lemieux says. "And I've always had to buy a million drying racks because they fall apart. So we wanted to make something that would basically last forever."


The water cistern holds 45 gallons "so that you can tend your garden, wash your car, even your dog, without tapping into the City's water supply." It's a flatpack, too. More at Hero-365
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Rack from Hero Design Lab Looks Good, Folds Flat
Jenny Lemieux and Leo Corrales of Hero Design Lab

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