Quote of the Day: The State of Residential Design

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Susan Kraemer of Green Building Elements nails what's wrong with home design today. I think she unfairly blames architects; they don't design too many builders' houses anymore. And I think that the economic changes we are going through will cause significant changes in the way we build, when again we build. But otherwise it a useful manual for building a cold, mouldy house:

First, orient your mansion East/West. Make it narrow. This minimizes any chance that sunshine might pierce your Southern flank.

Then pick the stingiest windows you can find and instruct your architect to use them sparingly. Avoid any use of windows on the Southern elevation. One, at the most.

That will keep the sun out.

Sunshine warms homes for free. That’s socialism. Real men use fossil fuel for the daunting task of warming up a frigid family. There’s no free lunch. Tough sh*t.

And when the fossil fuels run out? It will never happen. Real men will dig more up from under somebody.

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