Quote of the Day: SUVs Without Wheels


Scott Olson/Getty Images News

Stan Cox of the land institute points out that we will be paying the price in CO2 for the "mass-produced McMansions bulked up on low-interest steroids" for years to come.

"The long-term effect of titanic houses parallels that of SUVs and pickup trucks. Sales of the biggest and least efficient vehicles might be ebbing, but those that have accumulated over the past decade will be out there by the millions, belching pollutants, for years to come.

And American families will be living in, heating, cooling and powering their current fleet of SUVs without wheels not for years, but for decades.

The economy will eventually shake off its post-bubble hangover and move on to new crises. The bigger challenge will be cutting carbon emissions deeply enough to avert catastrophic climate change. To meet that goal, one thing we will have to do is yank excessive square footage out from the tangle of current housing problems and declare it a luxury whose ecological costs we can no longer afford." ::Common Dreams via ::Archinect

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