Quote of the Day: Prince Charles On Sprawl


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Lord Rogers is not alone in wishing Prince Charles would stick to ribbon cutting, but the fact is, he has got the pulse of the times and he gets the issues, as in his recent statement in favour of sustainable homes within "dense, mixed-use, walkable developments".

"I feel immense frustration at the slow pace of change in the face of the increasingly urgent need for more sensitive and responsive human environments," Prince Charles wrote.

"The task is made all the harder by the short-term thinking that still predominates in so many spheres of life: a perspective which threatens at a fundamental level our ability to avert catastrophic climate change...

"Expressed in terms of the built environment, within the UK, the emphasis of my foundation remains on maintaining the drive towards dense, mixed-use, walkable development in preference to suburban sprawl, as well as the evolution of residential design to show that 'eco-homes' can be as attractive and courteous to their surrounds as the most desirable traditional dwellings."

Download a PDF of the full report. via BDOnline

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