Quote of the Day: Prince Charles on Modern "Green" Architecture

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24 years ago HRH got in trouble for calling an addition to the National Gallery a "monstrous carbuncle". He is at it again, complaining about glass buildings with green gizmos on top.

"It would seem, however, that the emergent climate-change agenda seems to have offered licence to another generation of architects and designers bent on further divorcing us - through random and untested building shapes and types - from our deeply-rooted connection with Nature's ordering systems which remain true to the rule of climate and season.

"Why, I must ask, does being 'green' mean building with glass and steel and concrete and then adding wind turbines, solar panels, water heaters, glass atria - all the paraphernalia of a new "green building industry" - to offset buildings that are inefficient in the first place?

poundbury photo

Poundbury, Prince Charles' traditional new urbanist development

"That many of these add-ons are mere gestures, at best, is now clear, as their impacts on home energy consumption can now be measured and usually offer scant justification for the radical nature of the design."

People "need to resist the urge to seize on slick, highly marketed techno-fixes...."We must act now by using traditional methods and materials to work with Nature rather than against Her." ::Telegraph
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