Quote of the Day: No Impact Man on Selling Climate Change

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Colin Beavan, aka no impact man, receives a letter from a military officer he knew, not someone he expected agreement with on regarding climate change.

"Yet, he wrote to me a kind email in which he remarked on how my attempt to live environmentally, during the No Impact experiment, ended with my discovering the shortcomings of materialism as a way of life and the strengths of living with contentment, gratitude, relationships, and love.

The point is that, where people like my friend the military officer are concerned, when it comes to building a societal consensus on climate change, the science-based approach may not be the best. Arguing the ins and outs of greenhouse gases may not work. But a values-based approach may. Indeed, I think it creates a way to lovingly reach some citizens who don’t believe in climate change.

Ultimately, we'll need to build broad consensus, as a society and as a culture. We have to talk across the aisle and, more importantly, listen. If people like my military friend are willing to reject overuse of resources because he finds it gets in the way of "contentment, gratitude, relationships, and love," then why can't those of us who care about climate change form a coalition with them?" ::No Impact Man

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