Quote of the Day: Monique Cole on Big Green Exurban Houses

colorado house construction photo

House in Boulder, NOT the house discussed in the article...

According to Rachel Levitt in Utne, The Boulder County Business Report called Ron Abramson's new net zero energy house, built using "cradle to cradle" principles, "The Greenest home in North America."

However in the High Country News, Monique Cole notes that a) it is 6,500 square feet, and b) it is 10 miles outside of Boulder. She writes:

"But how can size not matter when it comes to green building? The resources required to build and furnish a larger home need to be factored in, as well as the fuel expended and pollution created to transport those resources to the site. Big homes like the Abramsons' often are built far from urban centers. The rulers of these prairie castles must therefore burn fuel to get to work or an airport. Bigger homes also require more upkeep -- think of the landscapers, housekeepers, window cleaners and dog walkers who have to commute to service the home and its occupants. Adding solar panels and cork floors to one of these mansions is a nice touch, but is this going green, or is it green-washing?"

"Everyone’s looking for the silver bullets that will allow us to carry on our consumptive lifestyles just as we always have. But to be truly green, some sacrifices have to be made, such as giving up the home theater or that fourth bay in the garage." ::Utne Reader
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