Quote of the Day: Karrie Jacobs on Parametric Design


Computers are enabling architects to do things that used to be virtually impossible, or possible for only the most original and creative architects. (see Robot Bricklayer Builds Swiss Winery) Karrie Jacobs writes in Metropolis that computer software is changing architecture so that anyone can do it:

All the swoopy, curvilinear, geometrically perverse gestures that we associate with the world's most fam­ous, most audacious architects—those are now embedded in, and enabled by, commercial software: Rem in a box.

She concludes with words that fill me with dread:

Crumpled, folded, rounded show-off "wow" buildings will become increasingly commonplace—but they'll no longer be designed by the stars. The only true stars will be the guys who design the parametric software.

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